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I Matched 5 Disney Princesses with Book Best Friends 👑

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Welcome, princesses, to my matchmaking services! You've already found your princes, but life is lonely without a gal pal to share it with. Based on your resumes (movies) I have matched you with some girls from YA books who I just know you'll hit it right off with! I made sure to keep similar interests and upbringings in mind so you'll never run out of topics to gab about with your new BFF!

1. Mulan, I've Matched You with: Sirscha Ashwyn from Forest of Souls by Lori M. Lee

Mulan, you may already be aware of Sirscha if you're an avid follower of my site as I've featured her in two previous blogs. You and Sirscha can bond over your shared Asian heritage and time in your respective countries’ armies. While you have loyal allies in your dragon companion Mushu and your horse Khan, Sirscha has combined the two and has a draconian mount named Yandor. In addition to lived experiences and dragon buddies, you also both place an emphasis on family. While Sirscha doesn't know her birth family as you do she considers her best friend, Saengo, to be her sister. She would do anything to protect her just as you would for your father. Looking for somewhere to meet? Sirscha tells me that Talon's Teahouse offers some tasty drinks!

2. Jasmine, I've Matched You with: Soraya from Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust

Jasmine, people may think you're a pampered princess, but really the royal life is confining! You long for more freedom and autonomy and so does Soraya. You see, Soraya is a princess too, and she's spent her life in isolated confinement due to her poisonous touch. There's nothing Soraya wants more than to connect with someone, so she's eager to make your acquaintance! I'm sure Aladdin will let you borrow the magic carpet to come rescue her. You can find her in her rose garden and then the two of you can fly off together and explore the world!

Soraya's Profile (Book Review):

3. Ariel, I've Matched You with: Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

Ariel, you and Alosa are both girls from two worlds: land and sea, and you both have dads who, while you love them, can be a bit overbearing at times. Of course, you're also both young and could use a little maturing, too! I know you love to collect treasures from the human world, and Alosa is on a treasure hunt of her own. I'm sure she'll let you take something home with you to add to your collection. So, hop aboard her ship. You just may have to leave Eric behind, though. This ship's crew is ladies only!

4. Tiana, I've Matched You with: Emoni from With The Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

Tiana, I am proudest of the friend I found for you! Emoni is a hardworking young black woman like yourself. The two of you share the same passion and dream; you both love to cook! While you work as a waitress, Emoni is taking culinary classes at her school. Both of you know the importance of dedication with a sprinkle of magic in the kitchen. The two of you can spend hours exchanging recipes and working side by side in the kitchen as you inspire young black girls like Emoni's daughter to chase their dreams.

5. Aurora, I've Matched You with: Birdie from Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett

Aurora, while you were born a princess your upbringing was quite unique as was Birdie's. Both of you were raised by your adoptive aunts who, while well meaning, had a tendency to be a bit absentminded and eccentric. While you, Aurora, were cursed by an evil fairy to sleep, Birdie has a sort of sleeping curse of her own; narcolepsy. So, why not take a vacation and give Birdie a visit? She works at a hotel so I'm sure she can get you a great rate for a room. The two of you can share a slice of pie over gossip about your aunties and then take a nap together!

I hope you girls enjoy your best friend dates. If you're satisfied with this service then please be sure to recommend me to your peers!


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