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Hales' Tavern

What is it?

Founded in Oct. 2018, Haley's Book Haven is your home for book reviews and other bookish content. I want this website to be a safe space for young readers and, for the most part, I cover YA novels.
However, I am an adult who sometimes reads adult books. Much like the YA novels I read, I often have lots of thoughts on these books. I mostly relegate these reviews to Goodreads.
Sometimes, though, there is an adult book I want to spotlight here on the blog. Since this blog is mostly catered to YA, any blog posts that deal with adult books will be designated by (Hales' Tavern) in the title.
Obviously, you as an individual (and potentially your parents) are in charge of what books you read. So, if you're a young adult who wants to read adult and your parents are fine with it, then go ahead. However, for young adults who aren't interested in content having to do with adult books I wanted to have some way for them to know what blogs have such content.
I hope this helped to clarify any comments/questions/concerns. Thank you for checking out the blog. I'm happy to have you and hope you'll stay a while!

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