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Beauty & The Beast Book Tag

This is a tag I've wanted to do for some time as I love fairy tales and Belle is a huge book lover like myself. The creator of this tag is Kirsty and the Cat Read. You can find her blog linked at the bottom of this post.

1. Tale As Old As Time– A popular theme, trope or setting you will never get bored of reading.

Setting: I love own voices fantasies (fantasy stories set in worlds inspired by the author's own cultural background). I think it's such a fun way to explore a culture separate from your own and to sprinkle in a little magic along with it. I also believe it's so important to support diverse authors! A few of my favorites include the Girls of Paper and Fire series by Natasha Ngan (Malaysian culture) and Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez (Bolivian culture).

2. Belle – A book your bought for it’s beautiful cover that’s just as beautiful inside too. Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim. I’m a sucker for a pretty book cover, and it’s what drew me into Spin the Dawn. What I found once I read it was a unique fantasy with a strong female protagonist and the first romance in a long time that I felt invested in.

3. Beast – A book you didn’t expect much from but pleasantly surprised you.

The GrishaVerse books by Leigh Bardugo. I’m skeptical of any book that is super popular, especially in my favorite genre (YA fantasy). However, once I started reading Bardugo’s GrishaVerse books I became hooked. I marathon read Bardugo’s books and she is now one of my favorite authors for her intricate magic systems and morally grey characters. In a very similar vein is the Folk of Air trilogy by Holly Black. This YA fantasy series was extremely popular and all about faeries which are not one of my favorite magical creatures. However, I finally gave the books a try and was impressed by Black's character work, world building, and flawless foreshadowing.

4. Gaston – A book everyone loves that you don’t.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. This book is HUGELY popular. I read the first book in the series and found it to be slow and boring, and the main character, Feyre, to be stubborn, foolish, and annoying. I eventually tried to reread the novel but ended up DNFing it at the 50 page mark when I realized it wasn’t something I wanted to devote my time to.

5. Lefou – A loyal sidekick you can’t help but love more than their counterpart.

Silas from Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. In this novel there is a sorcerer character named Nathaniel. I found him to be incredibly bland. He had a demon servant who was far more interesting. Silas was nuanced, somehow both sinister and charming at the same time. He was the best part of the novel.

6. Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumier & Cogsworth – A book that helped you through a difficult time or that taught you something valuable.

Speaking of difficult times, we’re in the middle of a pandemic! As someone who suffers from both depression and an anxiety disorder, this experience has not been easy on me (not that it has been for anyone). I’ve found rereading my favorite books has been a comfort during this time. Two of my favorite books that I can always turn to when I’m feeling anxious or uncertain are Bunnicula by James Howe (the book that first inspired me to be a writer) and The Giver by Lois Lowry (a must read for everyone regardless of their age).

7. Something There– A book or a series that you weren't into at first but picked up towards the end.

Beach Read by Emily Henry. I initially DNF'd this adult romance at the 30% mark but decided, about a month later, to give it a second chance. It is now one of my favorite books I've read this year for both its beautiful love story and its picture of a grieving daughter.

8. Be Our Guest– A fictional character you’d love to have over for dinner.

Xiomara from The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo. While I can’t relate to being Afro-Latina or growing up in a strict Catholic household, I can relate to questioning my faith and, like X, share a love of poetry. I’d love to, after our hypothetical dinner, share our poems with each other.

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