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A Guide to: The Books by Tricia Levenseller

In today’s blog, I’m going to be reviewing all of the books by Tricia Levenseller that have been published as of 2019. That includes three young adult fantasy books. The first two are part of a duology, while the third is a standalone. As I will be reviewing both books in the duology, please keep in mind that there may be spoilers. Thus, proceed with caution!

Book Series: Daughter of the Pirate King Duology

Books Included: Daughter of the Pirate King, Daughter of the Siren Queen

Pages (Combined): 649

Rating (Combined): 9/10

Synopsis: This duology follows Alosa, the daughter of the notorious and ruthless pirate king Kalligan and the siren queen Ava-lee, whom she has never known. Alosa is the only female ship captain and has a mostly female crew. At the start of Daughter of the Pirate King, she is purposefully captured by one of her father’s rivals, Draxen of the Night Farer. This is becuse she is there to locate a piece of the map which leads to the Isla de la Canta (the island where the sirens live and where there are untold riches). Her father already possesses one of the three pieces, and Alosa has been tasked with procuring the other two for him. The second book follows Alosa and her crew as they head for the Isla de la Canta.

Thoughts: I found Alosa as a character to be surprisingly immature (especially given she’s a ship captain and was raised to be the pirate queen after her father). Additionally, it was never explained why while Alosa cannot control herself while she is her siren-self (she turns into a mindless monster), but the other sirens are far more docile. Overall, however, these books were light, easy, quick reads ideal for someone going on vacation or who is trying to get out of a reading slump. They also carry a feminist vibe which I really liked, and Alosa had amazing chemistry with her love interest, the pirate Riden. If you are a fan of To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo, then you would most likely also enjoy this duology due to the similar plot/themes.

Book: Warrior of the Wild

Pages: 329

Rating: 9.5/10

Synopsis: Rasmira is her father’s chosen heir and has trained for years to be a warrior (someone who protects her village from the beasts who live in the wilderness surrounding it). However, when her coming of age trial is sabotaged, she is sent out into the wild where she must complete an impossible task (kill the god Peruxolo, who torments her own and the surrounding villages) in order to return home.

Thoughts: I really loved Rasmira’s character. She shows that a girl can be both girly and tough, and exhibits incredible loyalty, strength, and most of all resilience. She had a lot of character growth throughout the novel. She also had wonderful chemistry with her love interest, Soren and his friend (and later hers as well), Iric. My favorite part of the novel, however, was how rich, full, and well developed the world was, especially given it’s a standalone and rather short. The only real fault to be found is the ending, which felt both rushed and a little too neat.

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