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FALL in Love with Spooky Reads for October 👻 🍁

October, the month of pumpkins, sweaters and Halloween, is almost upon us. I picked out some spooky books to get you in the proper spirit. I hope you enjoy these (semi) scary stories just as much as I did.

1. School's in Session with the Truly Devious trilogy by Maureen Johnson

Welcome students to Ellingham Academy! Our prestigious school is the perfect setting for a world class education with a side of murder. It's located on a beautiful, isolated mountain and is full of countless hidden rooms and passageways to explore if you're brave enough. Be warned, though, you may stumble upon a dead body or two along the way...

2. Take a Stroll Through The Forest of Souls by Lori M. Lee

Ah, the Dead Wood. Every walk through this scenic forest is an adventure! The trees are possessed and known to consume the living so keep your wits about you while traveling through. Be sure to stop by the castle, Spinner's End, and admire its spider silk construction. Be mindful if you choose to pay this lovely abode a visit, however. There may or may not be a giant spider lurking about in the garden maze out back...

3. Visit Your Local Library of Living Books in Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

Looking for something new to read? Stop by any one of Austermeer's libraries today to check out our selection of living books. Some are friendly, others are made from human body parts, and all are capable of transforming into monsters. If only book beasts were the worst of it, though. There's also various species of demons to contend with, so you might want to keep some iron on you just in case. Oh, who's that? A dimwitted butler or something more sinister..?

4. Battle The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones

Want to get away from all the stress of life in the city? Why not visit the quiet farming town of Colbern and spend a few nights at the Red Mare tavern? When deciding what to pack be sure you include an axe. Why? Oh, well, a few citizens have claimed to have seen skeletal figures roaming about in the woods. But it was dark out and sometimes the night plays tricks on the eyes, right? Colbern is a perfectly safe community. After all, even the dead are eager to return...

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