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A Good Girl's Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson (SPOILER FREE book review)

GENRE: YA Mystery LENGTH: 433 pages PLOT Pip decides to do a school project investigating a death in her small town. It is believed that popular girl Andie Bell was killed by her boyfriend Sal, but Pip is out to prove his innocence. CHARACTERS There are too many characters to possibly discuss them all individually, so I'm going to touch briefly on the four most prevalent and then discuss things in a broader sense. Pip is a character who has good intentions but makes questiona

Enchantée vs. Splinters of Scarlet: Which Historical Fantasy is Right for You?

WHAT ARE ENCHANTÉE AND SPLINTERS OF SCARLET? Enchnatée by Gita Trelease and Splinters of Scarlet by Emily Bain Murphy are two YA historical fantasy novels that share several similarities. Enchantée follows Camille who uses magic to disguise herself as a baroness and gambles in Versailles. Splinters of Scarlet follows Marit who becomes a seamstress for a wealthy family she believes may be responsible for her father's death. Both novels feature orphaned girls who are elder sist

FALL in Love with Spooky Reads for October 👻 🍁

October, the month of pumpkins, sweaters and Halloween, is almost upon us. I picked out some spooky books to get you in the proper spirit. I hope you enjoy these (semi) scary stories just as much as I did. 1. School's in Session with the Truly Devious trilogy by Maureen Johnson Welcome students to Ellingham Academy! Our prestigious school is the perfect setting for a world class education with a side of murder. It's located on a beautiful, isolated mountain and is full of cou

A Nostalgic Look Back at: The Bunnicula Books by James Howe (50th Blog)

The Bunnicula books are favorites from my childhood. Bunnicula is actually the book that inspired me to be a writer. I have more nostalgia from some books in the series than others, but for my 50th blog here on Haley's Book Haven, I decided to reread all 7 books in the series (spin-off books not included) and review them. Genre: Children's Paranormal Mysteries Series Length: 895 pages Series Rating: 4.07 stars 1. Bunnicula (co-authored by Deborah Howe) Length: 98 pages Rating

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo (a review)

GENRE: Adult Paranormal Mystery LENGHT: 450 pages PLOT Set in Yale, the novel follows Galaxy ‘Alex’ Stern who has the ability to see Grays (ghosts). She has a troubled past but is offered a new beginning if she joins Lethe and is tasked with monitoring the activities of the underground magical societies of Yale. The novel revolves around the mystery of who killed a local girl, Tara. CHARACTERS Bardugo has a talent for writing morally gray (no pun intended) characters and gett


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