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Jack-0-Lantern (a poem about depression)

It's like someone scooped me all out and ate all of the good parts. But this erratic heartbeat greets me day and night and it reminds me...

I Ranked All of Ruth Ware's Thrillers

1. The Turn of the Key What it's About: A woman (Rowan) takes a job as a nanny to two young girls. It seems neither the house nor its...

July Reading Wrap-up and Goal Check-in

1. The Marvelous by Claire Kann (YA Mystery) (328 pages) (3.5 ⭐️) Reclusive heiress Jewel invites ten users of the social media app she...

20 Questions (Book) Tag

I found this tag and I thought it would be a fun way to help readers of the blog get to know me better as a reader. Some of the questions...


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