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The Brown House (a poem)

Put a sign on the door

with your name on it in stickers.

Fall asleep to sound

of your mom running water

and wake to the smell

of blubbery muffins

feeling safe just like I did.

Have sleepovers with your grandma

and stuffed animal wars with friends.

Play the mulch is lava

and climb up the slippery slide

in the park behind your house.

Fly on the porch swing

while your dog runs in the yard

just like I used to.

Catapult onto the big bed

in your mom’s room

and play games with her in the kitchen.

Curl up in your favorite spot before school.

Fill in every scar in this place

with the sound of your innocent laughter

like once upon a time I would.

Come home after a long day

because I can’t anymore.

So, just love this house like I still do

and in eighteen years thank it

for raising you.

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