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September Reading Wrap-up and Goal Check-in

1. Legendborn by Tracey Deonn (YA Fantasy) (490 pages) (3.75 ⭐️)

Bree attends an early college program in Carolina after the untimely death of her mother. After discovering an underground, magical world full of demons and those who hunt them she begins to believe that her mother's death was no accident. This book is takes the legend of King Arthur and transplants it into a modern day college setting while adding themes of grief, race, and inter generational trauma (all of which were well integrated). The world building was well done and despite its length it never felt boring because the stakes felt perpetually high.

Read if: You enjoyed the Shadowhunters books and/or TV show.

Full Review: Coming to the blog next month.

2. The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware (Adult Thriller) (368 pages) (3 ⭐️)

Hal is broke and alone in the world. When she receives a letter saying she is an inheritor in the estate of a woman she's never met she decides to go travel to the woman's house where she meets the Westaways. Hal had the best character development of the protagonists from the three Ware books I've read thus far but this read more like a family drama than a thriller.

Read if: You want an adult (less fun) version of The Inheritance Games.

3. The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang (Adult Romance) (320 pages) (4 ⭐️)

Violinist Anna and cancer survivor Quan are both looking for a one night stand; Anna after her boyfriend declares he wants an open relationship and Quan because he hasn't since his treatment. Their one night stand turns into trying and trying again to get things right while falling for each other. I cared deeply for both Anna and Quan and felt invested in their individual and combined journeys. Hoang writes own voices autism characters and Anna's struggles and triumphs regarding her diagnosis are a large part of the story.

Read if: You like romances that also tackle deeper issues.

4. One by One by Ruth Ware (Adult Thriller) (368 pages) (5 ⭐️)

The employees of a tech company travel to a remote chalet in the French Alps where tensions rise over a buyout. Soon bodies start by one. The novel makes good use of its dual perspective and is tension and suspense filled with the perfectly sized cast. It's my second favorite Ware book of the four I've read so far!

Read during: A snow day.

5. Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko (YA Fantasy) (343 pages) (5 ⭐️)

Tarisai, a half human-half ehru (kind of like a genie) grew up in isolation with little affection and craves a family. Her distant mother sends her to the capital to train to become one of the crown prince's council members. There Tarisai makes friends, but her mother has commanded her to kill the prince. This was a reread for me as the sequel came out recently. I love so much about this novel from the captivating world to the endearing characters to its fast pace. Please see my review for trigger warnings.

Read if: You like fast paced stories with lovable characters.

6. One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston (Adult Romance) (422 pages) (5 ⭐️)

August moves to New York where she meets the cool, leather clad Jane on the subway. Jane is from the 1970s but a freak accident left her eternally trapped on the subway line. As August sets out to free Jane the two become closer. I wasn't unimpressed by McQuiston's debut but blown away by this sophomore effort. They perfectly captured the desperate yearning of a crush and new relationship and the steady realization that you've fallen in love. The supporting cast gave this novel extra heart.

Read if: You want the perfect sapphic romance.

TOTAL PAGES READ (SEP): 2,311 pages (avg. book length: 385.2 pages)

TOTAL PAGES READ (YTD): 21,673 (avg. book length: 318.7 pages)

AVERAGE STAR RATING (SEP): 25.75/30 ⭐️ (4.29 avg. rating)

AVERAGE STAR RATING (YTD): 261.75/310⭐️ (3.85 avg. rating)

1. Read at least 60 books

I read 6 books this month meaning that I have completed 68 books to date. I have thus made it over my goal for the year which is very thrilling!

2. Have at least one book a month be a reread

I completed 1 rereads this month. This means I completed my goal for the month.

3. Read at least 1-2 adult books a month

I completed 4 adult books in September: Thus I exceeded my goal for the month.

4. Read at least 10 nonfiction and/or poetry books

To date I've read 3 nonfiction and 3 poetry collections and my goal is 60% complete. I am falling a little behind but I have plans to read a poetry and a nonfiction book in October.

5. Post a blog every weekend unless ill and/or recovering from surgery

I missed one weekend blog post this month since I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and was out of town Friday night through Saturday and then had church and my nephew's birthday party Sunday. I'm not going to beat myself up about missing this upload because I had valid reasons.

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