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Recommending Reads: Based on Your Hogwarts House

I placed book characters into Hogwarts houses! For each of the four houses I chose two characters/books that, based on your house and personality traits, I believe you're likely to enjoy. I hope you enjoy my suggestions. This blog took me over a month and a half to curate, but was so much fun to do. I definitely intend to do another one of these at some point in the future! Slytherin Traits: Slytherins are known to be resourceful, cunning, determined and ambitious. Character/Book Recommendations: 1. Evelyn Hugo from The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid Book Genre: Adult Historical Fiction Book Summary: Reporter Monique interviews former actress Evelyn Hugo about her career and marriages. About Evelyn: Evelyn Hugo is an aging film star who came from humble beginnings. She was determined to make a name for herself and willing to due whatever it took to make herself a film icon. She used men and her body to her advantage and even hurt the ones she loved the most in order to protect her career. Book Review: 2. Alessandra Stathos from The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller Book Genre: YA Fantasy Book Summary: Alessandra has been overlooked her entire life and desires to finally be seen and powerful by seducing a king and stealing his throne. About Alessandra: Levenseller herself has described Alessandra has a Slytherin. Alessandra desires to be a ruling queen. She's hungry for power and constantly scheming. She uses anything at her disposal (be it blackmail, lying or magic) in order to get her closer what what she wants. Book Review: Ravenclaw Traits: Ravenclaws are known for traits such as wit, wisdom, individuality, and creativity. Character/Book Recommendations: 1. Felicity Montague from the Montague Siblings books by Mackenzi Lee Book(s) Genre: YA Historical Fiction Book Summary: Felicity travels Europe, first with her brother and later with her estranged friend, becoming embroiled with pirates, dukes, and crazed doctors. About Felicity: Felicity is a main character in The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue and the narrator of its sequel The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy. She is a woman living in 18th century Europe who is self-taught in the field of medicine. She is undaunted by blood and gore but rather sees it as an opportunity to practice her craft. When the men of her time tell her she can't be a doctor because she's a woman, she preservers regardless. Gentleman's Guide Book Review: Lady's Guide Book Review: 2. Stevie Bell from the Truly Devious trilogy by Maureen Johnson Book(s) Genre: YA Mystery Book Summary: Taking place in past and present day, Stevie Bell attends Ellingham Academy where she solves crimes. About Stevie: Stevie is the main protagonist of all three Truly Devious books (Truly Devious, The Vanishing Stair, The Hand on the Wall). She is a true crime aficionado who solves the crime of the century as well as the modern day murders of her classmates by thinking outside the box and compiling clues. Book Review: Hufflepuff Traits: Hufflepuffs are known for their loyalty, dedication, diligence, kindness, and fairness. Character/Book Recommendations: 1. Emoni Santiago from With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo Book Genre: YA Contemporary Book Summary: Emoni, a gifted young cook, struggles to balance everything in her life while making a decision about her future. About Emoni: Emoni is a high school senior with a lot to juggle; school, work, her passion cooking, and being a mom to a toddler. Despite all of her challenges, she manages to balance everything through hard work and dedication, and along the way learns the value of teamwork. She is able to find a way to keep her daughter a priority while also not sacrificing her dreams. Book Review: 2. Matt/Matty from The Giver Quartet by Lois Lowry (Books 2 and 3) Book Genre: Middle Grade Dystopian Book Summary (Messenger): When Matty's village decides to close its borders, he travels back to his birthplace to bring his friend to the village. About Matt(y): Matt (later Matty) is a young boy who, despite growing up in a tough environment, never let it tarnish his good, giving heart. Matty was a trustworthy friend who went to any length to help those he loved. Some of his kindest acts included: saving a dogs' lives, saving his friend Kira's possessions before her home was burned, and traveling through a dangerous forest in order to bring Kira to a place where she will be safe and happy. He can be stubborn at times, and he would likely argue he's more of a Gryffindor than Hufflepuff, but I think he's earned his place in this house. Book Review:

Gryffindor Traits: Gryffindors are known for their courage, bravery, daring, determination, chivalry and nerve.

Character/Book Recommendations: 1. Zafira from We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal Book Genre: YA Fantasy Book Summary: Desperate to save her people and restore magic, a huntress travels to a dangerous island to retrieve a magical book. About Zafira: Zafira braves the deadly, mysterious forest (the Arz) every day in order to feed her people and keep them from dying of starvation and travels to Sharr, a dangerous island full of ancient evils in the hopes of restoring magic to her land. Throughout the novel she continues to willingly endanger herself and face the unknown for her people. What she does takes incredible nerve, determination, and bravery every day. Book Review: 2. Elisabeth Scriviner from Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson Book Genre: YA Fantasy Book Summary: Elisabeth is a librarian in a library full of magical books known as grimoires that sometimes turn into monsters. When she is forced to slay a book monster she is accused by sorcerers of sabotage. About Elisabeth: Elisabeth fought monsters, demons, and human enemies alike. Despite being humiliated and at times defeated, she remained determined to save her kingdom. She was always looking out for the innocents, even when it meant putting her own life at risk. Book Review:

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