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New Year's Reading and Writing Resolutions

At the start of every year many people make New Years’ Resolutions, pledging to change and/or accomplish something. The goal is usually to grow and improve oneself. As 2019 begins, I want to share my New Years’ reading and writing resolutions with you all.

1. Read 50 Books

This year, I am going to strive to read at least 50 books!

2. Expand My Pallet:

I am a lover of the fantasy genre, which comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me (or reads this blog). I tend to stay in this comfort zone of fantasy, but this coming year I want to explore other genres.

Breaking that down a little more, I am going to push myself to read at least 3 mystery novels, 1 historical fiction, 2 science fiction, 2 poetry books, and 3 memoirs. I also want to read more contemporaries, which is probably my second favorite genre. Of course, if I find that I enjoy these genres I will read additional books within them.

I am of course open to recommendations. If you have any please email them to me at

3. Finish One Novel:

I have an unfortunately tendency of becoming engrossed in whatever novel I’m currently working on only to later abandon it on a whim when another idea tickles my brain. I have one novel that I started working on this past year which I feel has a lot of potential. I want to return to editing that novel and have it finished by the end of 2019.

Those are my reading and writing resolutions for the new year. Of course, I also hope to continue with this blog and forming it into something wonderful. I hope that you will take a moment to share with me your own New Year’s resolutions, and that you have a happy and safe 2019.

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