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I Ranked The Couples in Emily Henry's Romance Books

Before we begin with the ranking I want to note that this ranking isn't necessarily based on my final overall star ratings of the books. I base my ratings on lots of aspects including the subplots within the novels. This ranking is solely based on how much chemistry the main couples within the books have and if I can see them making it in the long run.

Since there are three couples (for Henry's three adult romance novels to date) I gave each couple a gold, silver, or bronze ribbon emoji!

Henry's female protagonists go through their own individual journeys in their novels that are worth reading for their own merit (especially January in Beach Read). However, if you're strictly in it for the kissing and telling then perhaps you'll find this ranking helpful in deciding which one to read (or what order to read them in).

🥇January and Augustus from BEACH READ


January Andrews is a struggling romance writer spending the summer at her late father's beach house. She and her neighbor (and old college rival and fellow author) Gus make a bet to write in each other's genres (Gus writes literary fiction). While helping each other with 'research' long buried feelings emerge. WHY THEY'RE FIRST:

January and Gus are the couple that I believe is the most compatible and have the greatest chance of making it in the long run. This is because the two have a mutual respect, admiration, and adoration for each other. They have history as college classmates and rivals, but it's their on page development that sells them as a couple. The two go on, I mean research excursions together to learn how to write in the other's genre. This not only forces them to spend time together but helps them to understand each other's lives and perspectives.

🥈Nora and Charlie from BOOK LOVERS


Literary agent Nora and her younger sister Libby spend a month in a small town called Sunshine Falls. Nora tries to reconnect with her sister to whom she has grown somewhat distant. She also reconnects with her professional enemy, editor Charlie, and finds herself falling for him.


The backstory of them being enemies is quite weak (it stems from one misunderstanding a couple of years ago). Yet they snag the silver because there is this sizzling tension that underlies every interaction between the two. Whether it be their early days trading flirty barbs or later on sharing vulnerable secrets, they're electric together. They are the absolute definition of chemistry. They're also both career driven individuals with busy schedules but they work in the same industry so they understand each other. Even still, I couldn't give them the coveted first place position because their relationship moves too fast.



Poppy is a travel magazine writer who goes on extravagant vacations. For the last two years, however, she hasn't been happy. She misses her former best friend Alex. So, she invites him on a trip that she hopes will reignite their friendship.


I like Poppy and Alex individually as characters but together I don't know how much sense they make. It's clear there's tenderness between them and they both value making the other happy. However, I honestly couldn't see them lasting in the long term because they want different things and have such opposite personalities. While Poppy loves to travel and meet new people, Alex is much more of a homebody who wants roots. I believe they would try and compromise to make each other happy, but I'm afraid it would tear them apart in the end.

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