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5 Romance Books to Cuddle Up with This Valentine's Day 💘

Are you feeling a little lonely and blue this Valentine's Day? Why not curl up on the couch with a good book as your date? These 5 diverse selections (in no particular order) are sure to get your heart fluttering!

1. Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers
This sapphic romance follows Grace who gets drunkenly married to a stranger (Yuki) during a night in Vegas. Feeling adrift after college, she spends the summer in New York becoming acquainted with her new wife. The beginning of Grace and Yuki’s relationship is full of cute banter. Once they finally meet you can really feel the magic of their connection. They read like two souls who were bound to find each other. The novel also features strong friend groups (and platonic love is just as important as the romantic kind). This novel is perfect for recent college graduates because they will surely see themselves in Grace.
2. When in Rome by Sarah Adams
This novel features a pop star, Amelia Rose, who burns out and takes a vacation in Rome, Kentucky. There she meets pie shop owner Noah, and despite his initial misgivings romance ensues. This is a grumpy guy-sunshine girl romance featuring forced proximity. The couple has such a strong rapport that though it is insta-love adjacent it doesn’t read like it. The novel also features charming townspeople side characters. The plot is cute and a nice little escape from reality.
3. Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly
Do you like watching cooking competition shows? Then this book is for you! It’s about Dahlia and London who are competitors on the show Chef’s Special. Despite being cooking rivals the two find themselves falling for each other. Dahlia and London are individually wholesome characters and together they are even better. They’re so encouraging and supportive of each other. Both are LGBT+ characters with London coming out as nonbinary while on the show.
4. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood
Are you a woman in STEM? Then you might appreciate this romance that, while popular, is most definitely not over hyped. The novel’s main couple is Olive and Adam. Olive is a third year Ph. D candidate and Adam is a Stanford professor in this fake dating turning into real feelings romance. The couple is adorable together with their banter and inside jokes. I’m a sucker for the whole he’s a tough guy but he’s soft only for her trope and that’s how I’d describe Adam.
5. The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochran
Are you a fan of romantic reality shows like the The Bachelor? This book is about a reality dating show called Ever After that is very reminiscent of similar real life shows. The twist is the romance is between the show’s male lead, Charlie, and a male producer on the show, Dev. This book has incredible mental health representation. Charlie has anxiety and panic disorder while Dev has depression. This was the first time I was able to see myself in a romance book. Charlie and Dev have plenty of passionate and dramatic, swoon worthy moments, but there are also more tender scenes of the two supporting each other through their struggles.
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