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2020 (a joke review)

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Genre: Dystopian

Length: 366 pages (days)

Rating: 0 stars


A young woman tries to navigate a world under the rule of a questionable leader in which a deadly pandemic has swept the country. People are gathering in mass to protest police brutality only to be met with...police brutality.


Haley is a twenty seven year old who loves reading and writing. She is doing her best to survive this quarantine with her sanity intact. Other notable characters include unnamed members of the government who seem incompetent at handling the pandemic. Also of note are members of the Black Lives Matter movement who are protesting police brutality following the murders of George Floyd and others.

Narrative Style:

The novel is told from the first person perspective of Haley. She is quite pessimistic and has always been, but within the context of this story it feels appropriate and fits with the overall tone of the novel.


This novel seemingly never ends. That being said, it is a real page turner. Just when you think the situation cannot get worse something else happens. It helps push the story along even while you desperately wish it would just be over already.

Final Thoughts:

I would not recommend this novel. While it is certainly an interesting reading experience, it is also likely to depress you. The things that happen in this novel may seem absurd at times, but in truth they are based on real events. Might I suggest another dystopian instead? Perhaps The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? Sure, it has kids killing each other, but it's still a much lighter read than 2020. In conclusion, avoid reading this book.

+Please note that while this is a joke review I am in no way expressing that the Black Lives Matter movement is a joke as it is absolutely not. I fully support the movement and all the protestors. This 'review' is meant in good fun, but I have linked below a couple of important petitions that I urge you to check out as well as the link to the Black Lives Matter website.

Black Lives Matter:

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