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Reading My Favorite Author's Favorite Book: Charlotte's Web

Introduction: James Howe's book Bunnicula is a children's paranormal mystery about a vampire rabbit told from the perspective of the family dog. It's the novel that first sparked my creative writing itch when I was very young. Due to this, I often refer to James Howe as my favorite author. He is, without a doubt, the person outside of people I know personally who has had the greatest influence on my life. I thought it would be a fun experiment to read my favorite author's fav

A Nostalgic Look Back at: The Bunnicula Books by James Howe (50th Blog)

The Bunnicula books are favorites from my childhood. Bunnicula is actually the book that inspired me to be a writer. I have more nostalgia from some books in the series than others, but for my 50th blog here on Haley's Book Haven, I decided to reread all 7 books in the series (spin-off books not included) and review them. Genre: Children's Paranormal Mysteries Series Length: 895 pages Series Rating: 4.07 stars 1. Bunnicula (co-authored by Deborah Howe) Length: 98 pages Rating

If I Could Only Have 5 Books in Quarantine/Lock-down

Since we're all stuck in quarantine, I thought it might be fun to do a blog on what five books I would keep with me if I could only have five for an extended period of time. Books have been helping to keep me sane while I'm stuck at home, unable to work or see my friends, and flooded with sad, frightening news every day. Thankfully I own more than five books and was able to go to the library before it closed. However, for the purposes of this blog we'll assume I can only have


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